Windermere Massage Therapists

Arshdeep Gill

Joined Team: January 2022

Specialties: Cross-fiber Friction, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Medium Therapeutic, Myofascial Release, Prenatal, Postnatal, Relaxation, Soft Tissue Release, Swedish Massage, TMJ, Trigger Point Therapy

Certified Modalities: Dynamic Cupping, Face Massage, Foot Scrub, Hot Stone Therapy

All his life, Arshdeep has wanted to help people; Massage Therapy has provided him that opportunity. After graduating from MacEwan University’s 2200-hr Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program, Arshdeep has been able to help clients achieve various wellness goals and improve health conditions.

Arshdeep is well known for his treatment techniques in relaxation and therapeutic massage, hot stone therapy, and dynamic cupping. His primary focus is on the needs of his clients; giving them home care and educating them on how to help maintain a pain free daily life. His career goals include learning additional massage modalities and increasing his knowledge of Massage Therapy techniques.

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Brian Komlance

Joined Team: January 2020

Specialties: Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Release, Relaxation, Medium Therapeutic, Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage

Certified Modalities: Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Brian grew up in Southern California and moved to Alberta in 2001 to be with his wife from the Edmonton area. He attended Makami College and completed the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program in December 2020.

Through his work as a Massage Therapist, Brian loves being able to help clients feel better, be in less pain, and have a better quality of life. He also loves continually learning by taking new courses. Brian will be taking the dynamic cupping course in June 2021.

Brian and his wife have 4 adult children, 4 grandchildren, 2 Chihuahuas named Rosey and Lexi, a puppy named Misti, a Doxi/Shitzu mix, and a crazy cat named Lunar. When not working, Brian loves to spend as much time as possible with his family on the deck, sitting by the fire, or at the lake camping.

Similar Style To: Wai Chan, Denise Ferrance

Blair Hawkey

Joined Team: November 2020

Specialties: Cross-fiber Friction, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Relaxation, Medium Therapeutic, Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage

Certified Modalities: Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Blair is a born and raised Alberta boy who found a passion for massage therapy. Blair enjoys every day that he is working and helping guests achieve a better quality of life through massage treatments.

Outside of his career, Blair is a father of 2 young boys to who he attributes his motivation to pursue his career in massage therapy. Blair is also an avid sports enthusiast and loves both playing and watching golf, hockey and curling.

Similar Style To: Cecilia Batu

Carla Santos

Joined Team: March 2016

Specialties: Assissted Stretching, Cross-fiber Friction, Myofascial Release, Relaxation, Medium Therapeutic, Swedish Massage

Certified Modalities: Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Carla graduated from Makami College in 2016, bringing five years of industry experience. Carla was drawn to a career in massage therapy because she loves helping others achieve their optimal wellness through treatments; her favorite technique to incorporate in her sessions is dynamic cupping.

Carla also appreciates the flexibility that her career has brought to her lifestyle. Outside of work, Carla enjoys jigsaw puzzles, baking, travel, and watching anime and dramas.

Similar Style To: Carolina Baniqued, Jasmin Castilla, Hector Rubio

Carolina Baniqued

Joined Team: February 2017

Specialties: Therapeutic, Swedish Massage

Certified Modalities: Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Carolina was a registered nurse in Asia. She came to Canada to become a Registered Massage Therapist, graduating from Makami College in 2017. Carolina pursued Massage Therapy to serve and help others by providing her clients with comfort and solace. Her goal is always to relieve pain and offer maximal relaxation.

Carolina spends much of her time working but enjoys cooking Asian cuisine and exercising during her free time. Whenever she gets a chance, Carolina loves going to the beach or lake and watching the sunset. Carolina is also a big NBA fan so you can catch her watching basketball too!

Similar Style To: Carla Santos

Cecilia Batu

Joined Team: March 2018

Specialties: Assissted Stretching, Deep Tissue Massage

Certified Modalities: Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Since childhood, Cecilia knew she wanted to become a Massage Therapist. She remembers her parents struggling with chronic back pain, so she would always practice massage on them.

Cecilia came to Edmonton from the Philippines and attended Makami College, where she graduated in 2018. Cecilia is passionate about massage and likes taking the time to educate her clients on the preventative benefits such as pain relief/management of regular massage. Cecilia believes massage therapy is like a vitamin for our muscles!

Similar Style To: Carolina Baniqued

Denise Ferrance

Joined Team: June 2020

Bio Coming Soon…

Similar Style To: Rajvinder Kaur, Justin Guerette

Di Wu (Dara)

Joined Team: April 2022

Specialties: Cross-Fiber Friction, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Prenatal, Swedish Massage, TMJ, Trigger Point Therapy. 

Certified Modalities: Hot Stone Therapy

Di is a graduate of CDI college and has completed the full 2400 program and training requirements. As a registred massage therapist Di brings to Massage Heights 3+ years of experience and is a welcome member of the Windermere team!

When not at work, Di enjoys reading and jogging around the city and community. 


Hector Rubio

Joined Team: August 2019

Specialties: Muscle Stripping, Therapeutic Techniques, Swedish, Medium Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage

Certified Modalities: Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Hector was born in Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. He moved to Canada in search of better opportunities for his family. Hector started working in the construction industry but realized that the industry lacked aspects of social interaction that he would enjoy in a work setting.

Hector wanted to find a way to contribute to other people and their well-being. Thus, he decided to enroll at Makami College to become an RMT, where he graduated from the 3000-hour advanced program in August 2019. Hector hopes to continue impacting as many people as possible by furthering his skill set through continuing education, such as training seminars and conferences throughout his career.

Similar Style To: Denise Ferrance

Justin Guerette

Joined Team: October 2016

Specialties: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Intra-Oral Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Maternity, Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage

Certified Modalities: Maternity Massage, Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Justin became a Registered Massage Therapist because he felt it was his best opportunity to help others manage their pain and improve their quality of daily living. Justin graduated from CDI College in 2016 and joined Massage Heights shortly after. Justin enjoys providing relief from pain and discomfort for his clients and entertaining his co-workers with a joke and a good laugh.

Justin finds nothing more satisfying than having a client leave a massage session feeling better than when they walked in.

Similar Style To: Shawna MacDonell

Karie Brown

Joined Team: April 2022

Specialties: Trigger Point Therapy

Certified Modalities: Face Massage, Foot Scrub and Hot Stone Therapy. 

Karie is a therapist committed to the process of helping someone reach their wellness goals. A therapist who takes great care in ensuring her clients have a truly theraputic experience. A calm person who likes to read in her spare time and loves to continue learning and growing within the therapy and wellness field. 

Similar Style To: Cecilia Batu, Sarita Joshi

Lana Fulton

Bio Coming Soon…

Rajvinder Kaur (On Maternity Leave)

Joined Team: September 2019

Specialties: Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Trigger Point Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Sport, Pre/Postnatal, Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage

Certified Modalities: Maternity Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Rajvinder received her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in India but wanted to train more in a hands-on technique, so she moved from Chandigarh, India, in August of 2017 to pursue education. She chose Massage Therapy because of her passion for meeting new people. Since working for Massage Heights, she has become one of our Team Lead Therapists.

Rajvinder considers herself an extrovert and finds her career in Massage Therapy hugely satisfying, as she can help clients feel better so they can carry out daily activities, feeling great.

Similar Style To: Carla Santos, Shawna MacDonell, Justin Guerette

Shandi Rankin

Joined Team: August 2022

Specialties: Assisted Stretching, Cross-Fiber Friction, Deep Tissue, Medium Therapeutic, Orthopedic Massage, Prenatal, Postnatal, Relaxation, Swedish Massage, TMJ, Trigger Point Therapy.

Certified Modalities: Dynamic Cupping, Focused Neck Tension Relief, Hot Stone Therapy.

Shandi is a welcome addition to the Massage Heights team! Her commitment to her guests and her passion for helping others has helped her embrace the wonderful world of health and wellness. 

When not working she remains active around the community and enjoys baseball, golf and volleyball. In addition Shandi can be found around Edmonton hiking or skiing in the mountains during the winter months.

Similar Style To: 

Shawna MacDonell

Joined Team: November 2019

Specialties: Neck, Shoulder, Back Pain, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage

Certified Modalities: Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Shawna has always had a passion for Massage Therapy; she recalls massaging her family members as a child. Shawna graduated from Makami College in 2017. She made the decision to leap professionally into Massage Therapy because her Fiancé suffers from an auto-immune disorder that causes a great deal of pain. Shawna strives to help as many people as possible to feel and live better. She believes that being body conscious is the key to working with muscles.

Similar Style To: Denise Ferrance, Rajvinder Kaur, Justin Guerette

Sheila Quinoveva

Joined Team: January 2017

Specialties: Relaxation, Medium Therapeutic, Pre/Postnatal, Swedish, Advanced Orthopedic Massage

Certified Modalities: Maternity Massage, Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage

Sheila earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and became a Registered Nurse in the Philippines.  After moving to Canada, in order to continue her profession, she became a Licensed Practical Nurse authorized in Advanced Foot Care. Sheila cultivated a passion for helping people which translated into her becoming a Registered Massage Therapist. Sheila wanted to be able to touch the lives of her clients dealing with pain and stress.

She graduated from the South Edmonton School of Massage Therapy with a 2200-hour program in June of 2017.  She has been in this industry for more than four years and has been an active member of NHPC since January 2017.

Similar Style To: Cecilia Batu

Wai Chan

Joined Team: April 2015

Specialties: Relaxation Techniques, Swedish, Stretching, Deep tissue, Prenatal Massage

Certified Modalities: Maternity Massage, Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Foot Scrub, Face Massage 

Wai graduated from the 3000-hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program at Makami College in 2016. She became a Massage Therapist because her husband loves massage, so she thought, what better way to help her family be more relaxed than to become one!  

Wai loves meeting new people and is passionate about providing her clients with the ultimate relaxation experience. She has a balanced approach to her technique, where she uses various modalities to relax and mobilize the muscle.

Similar Style To: Carla Santos (Medium Pressure), Brian Komlance (Deep Tissue)