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A Better Brand of Massage

Massage Heights began in San Antonio, Texas in 2004. Today, we have dozens of locations open with aggressive growth planned throughout the U.S. & Canada. Our mission is to help all types of people incorporate convenient, high-quality, rejuvenating massage into their healthy lifestyles.

Our business is built on a membership model that helps make massages more affordable, while still providing the level of service you’d expect at a five-star resort.

Massage Heights offers a distinguished Membership program that allows our Members to take advantage of the many benefits of rejuvenating massage more frequently. The monthly Membership fee is only $74.99* per month and includes one 60-min rejuvenating massage each month with a Professional licensed Massage Therapist. Each additional massage session is offered at a member price point to encourage longer sessions, or more frequent visits! Prices may vary by region. You can schedule as many sessions as you like and pay the discounted Member rate every time. In addition, we offer 1/2-Hour and 1-1/2-Hour sessions.

At Massage Heights, each massage you receive decreases the average dollar amount you spend. Every time you visit, you receive a professional massage by a Professional licensed Massage Therapist, not a student. We choose only the most reputable Massage Therapists in the business. You’ll experience an atmosphere that’s comfortable, not clinical, with calming music and uncompromised cleanliness.

Let Massage Heights show you how massage can improve your health, your mood and your life.

You deserve to relax.

Journey to MASSAGE HEIGHTS today. Call or stop by today!

* Massage includes a 50-Minute hands-on session and time for consultation and preparation for the scheduled hour.

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The Massage Heights Experience

This is your time to let the stresses of your life go and focus on the rejuvenating power of massage. We want you to close your eyes, relax and simply enjoy. After all, a Massage Heights massage is one of the most affordable luxuries you can give yourself and others. To help you achieve the most from your experience, we’ve outlined what you can expect when you join us.

At Massage Heights, every massage experience will be different because we believe in customizing your massage to your needs. But there are some things you can always expect when you come to a Massage Heights Retreat.

You can always expect a pleasant and professional therapist committed to your well-being.

You can always expect a friendly, knowledgeable staff whose intent is your relaxation.

You can always expect a warm massage table, with some of the finest linens in town, topped with an inviting comforter. Slip in. Relax.

You can always expect free aromatherapy to enhance your senses and your overall experience.

You can always expect a collection of premium skin therapy and home products…to help you take your retreat home with you.

At Massage Heights, our expertise is massage.  Our passion is a relaxed you.You deserve to relax. Journey to Massage Heights today.

Proudly Alberta owned

Community Initiatives

Caring for the environment is an important part of your massage experience.

At Massage Heights, caring about the environment comes naturally to us. So we are always looking for ways to improve our use of resources in our Retreats. It’s beneficial for our Massage Therapists, our Members and the Earth. Our Green Initiatives include:  

  • Biodegradable lotions and massage oils  
  • Smoke-free work environment
  • Rechargeable battery-operated faux candles *  
  • Paper recycling *
  • Plastic recycling *  
  • Earth-friendly retail products  
  • Recyclable plastic retail packaging  
  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies *  
  • VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compound free) paint finishes

*Varies by Retreat